mardi 8 octobre 2013

3 new songs! And a blog recommendation!

After being silent for a while (after that collab I did with my friend that sounded soooo good with all the extra sounds and engineering and exquisite sound mastering on his part - eeeep!), I wrote three songs in three days :)

The first is a weird text I wrote stream-of-consciousness, almost unconsciously, I think it's about shitty childhoods and long winters spent waiting to get older.

The second, I wrote and recorded in 20 minutes, cause I had no more time to do it and I really wanted to do it, but you can totally hear it's a rushed project, I wrote after reading creepy white guy. There were things I had to testify of :)

And then the third one, that I just finished, is a text I wrote in my Big Wisdom Year of 2011, where I vowed to learn patience and observation. I always wanted to make a song with this text but it never worked, until today, where I had this text in mind all day long and felt the need to do a song with it. Also I needed to be very vocal?!

Maybe tomorrow a fourth song will come out of me?

Oh I want to add something, a recommendation of a blog: London Lotta. I used to follow Charlotta's livejournal way back (probably around ten years ago). She became a journalist and a writer, and her blog is just so pleasant to read. She recently wrote a post about her anxiety and depression, which was so honest, well written and inspiring...

2 commentaires:

Rosan a dit…

I like your new songs! Especially Song for the winter, it's very relaxing.

querido diário a dit…

Charlotta was also a friend back in the good old days i had a livejournal <3
going to checj the blog!
Your new songs are lovely!