vendredi 24 octobre 2014

Brussels Guide : Place du Jeu de Balle - Vosplein

I'm thinking about starting a little series about Brussels, with things I enjoy doing here... I don't know how it will go, but anyway, today we did something very Brussels-ish, which is going to the flea market of Place du Jeu de Bal (Vosplein).

It's a huge landmark of Brussels attracting more and more people every year. About 7 years ago when I moved back here, I used to go there every weekend, and walk around a very peaceful market. Nowadays, if the weather is good, it is super packed, but still with a nice laid-back atmosphere.

On the market you can find clothes, furniture, jewelry, tons of cups and plates and cutlery, and everything under the sun, basically. The prices can be outrageous, so be sure to not get too enthusiastic!

jeudi 23 octobre 2014

Dille & Kamille love

So... I may have gone a bit overboard at Dille & Kamille! But to my defense, most of our kitchen towels were dead, same for our cooking spoons, and I love making scones, so a scones cutter was definitely something I had to have... Ok, you catch my drift. The shop is full of amazingly beautiful affordable things, and it just... makes you FEEL things. And you end up coming home with one of their big canvas bags full of goodies :3

Here's my stuff! ;)

mercredi 22 octobre 2014

yoga lists!

I'm a virgo, though and through, and something I love doing is lists. I love compiling and sorting information... Another thing I love, is Yoga...! And these last few years there's been so many great youtubers offering free yoga classes (hello, Yoga with Adriene!). So instead of searching everywhere for this or that kind of yoga practice on youtube every single time, I decided to make....... playlists!

Here they are... My yoga playlists :)

mardi 21 octobre 2014

Pretty girly things: lipstick collection

I thought I'd do something a little bit different this time, and share my lipstick collection. I never wore lipstick for years and years, and suddenly two years ago I decided that it would be a fun thing to do, even if I don't wear much makeup, a bit of lipstick adds a little something something to the day :)

Sooo, here is my collection ^___^

(on the left is my tattoo)

1 - Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel - 13: Rose Passionné **
2 - Shiseido Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte - RD 325
3 - Deborah Milano Rossetto Atomic Red Mat 01 **
4 - L'Oréal Carresse - 301: Dating Coral
5 - Clarins Rouge Eclat - 08: Coral Pink
6 - Clinique High Impact SPD 15 - 13: Flamenco
7 - MAC Amplified - Vegas Volt
8 - MAC Lustre - Patisserie **
9 - MAC Amplified - Cosmo
10 - MAC Cremesheen - Party Line **
11 - MAC Cremesheen - Lickable
12 - MAC Lustre - See sheer

** --> my favourites / most worn!

Do you have many lipsticks? Do you enjoy makeup? Every day? For special occasions?